🍯 Cane honey with Blackberry and dehydrated strawberries x400g🍓



🍯 Sweeten your drinks and meals with a healthy mix based on honey extracted from cane, mango and dehydrated pineapple.

🍃100% Natural
🍃No preservatives
🍃 No chemicals
🍃 Plant-based honey (suitable for vegans)
🍃 Shelf life 12 months


🍍 Dissolve cane honey with mango and dehydrated pineapple, with lemon or orange juice in plain soda and obtain a healthy refreshing drink, if you want to obtain a cocktail you add an ounce of your favorite liquor, suggestion (Rum, brandy or vodka ) 🍹

🍍 Infusions , in your well you add a tablespoon of cane honey with mango and pineapple, add a little ginger and enjoy.

🍍 As a Topping, you can put a spoonful of cane syrup on your waffles, pancakes, fresh cheese, cereal, fruit or cookies and enjoy!!

Ingredients : cane honey, mango and dehydrated pineapple.

Does not include the wooden mixer


Chepe and Alba are a traditional peasant family, just like them there are 350,000 other families that depend on the cultivation of cane and the production of panela.
We are currently a sales window for your raw material, without intermediaries and with fair prices. In the long term, we will generate technological solutions for your crops and implement the necessary certificates for growth and business opportunities with foreign markets.

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